Episode 31 – Indigenous-led Movements – Allyship and Activism to Stop Line 3

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This week we’re talking about ego, allyship, and debriefing Olivia’s time at the Treaty People Gathering on White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota. The gathering was organized as part of the Indigenous-led effort to stop Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands pipeline.

For more on the pipeline and why it needs to be stopped, check out our minisode on the issue.

In this episode, we’re talking about what happened, dismantling white supremacy in activist spaces, respecting security culture, and finding your role in a movement.

Mentioned in the Episode

The Line 3 pipeline protests are about much more than climate change by Alexandria Herr for Grist

Wild rice is what’s known as an indicator species — meaning it tends to reflect the overall health of an ecosystem — and it requires abundant, clean water in order to grow. The crop is therefore especially vulnerable to oil spills. The new Line 3 is set to pass through the heart of Minnesota’s wild rice lakes — some of the best remainingwild rice waters in the world.

The Line 3 pipeline protests are about much more than climate change, Grist

Another article on wild rice:
Enbridge’s Line 3 Is Putting Wild Rice at Risk—and Indigenous Water Protectors Are Taking a Stand by Lynn Sue Mizner for Civil Eats

DHS Helicopter rotorwashing water protectors.

Map of US Pipelines + spills

Fraccidents map


Check out the post for our minisode on Line 3 for more resources and ways to get involved.

How You Can Help:
The Dump

Yellow Bird: Oil, Murder, and a Woman’s Search for Justice in Indian Country by Sierra Crane Murdoch

Trace Material: Stories from the Plastics Age and keep an ear out for Olivia in the credits 🙂

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