Episode 30 – No Facts, No Information, Just Vibes: Cotton and Microfiber

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This week, we’re taking a closer look at the natural and synthetic materials you’re probably wearing right now.

How did cotton become the “fabric of our lives”? Elise explains the reasoning behind advertising a material rather than a brand, and tells us which policies we should be paying attention to in regard to cotton manufacturing.

Then Olivia takes on the massive (but nearly invisible) problem of the synthetic material industry: microfibers. 1.4 million trillion of them.

Other topics discussed: exciting life changes, the limits of individual action and systems-change advocacy, and TikTok Olivia Rodrigo theories.

Story #1: Cotton (Elise)
Cotton logo

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This Huffpost article (also in sources) has a ton of videos!

How to Save a Planet, Farm Bill episode

Cotton commercial “Take Comfort in Cotton” from 1987.
Story #2: Microfibers and Synthetic Materials (Olivia)

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Check out both seasons of Trace Material to learn more about the social histories of hemp and plastic in the US.

Trailer for the upcoming season of Trace Material, launching June 16th.
Greenpeace UK Wasteminster: A Downing Street Disaster video.

You can sign The Story of Stuff’s Stop Plastic Microfiber Pollution petition now. It’s one step towards a systemic solution that puts the burden on clothing companies, not consumers. From the page:

Our bill requires clothing companies to attach a garment label informing consumers that laundering synthetic clothing in washing machines causes plastic fibers to shed. [If you live in California, click here to call your assemblymember to ask them to support AB 2379.]

The Dump

Elise got married!!! Please welcome our new official podcast husband Lan Tolleson to the stage 🙂

We also mentioned Search Party, Olivia Rodrigo’s new album Sour and some TikTok theories surrounding it, Greta Isaac’s EP Pessimist and Bo Burnham’s new Netflix special Inside.

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