About Us

Elise Nye and Olivia Hamilton (hereafter referred to as “we” or “us”) are friends from college, where we both studied music business. Since then our lives have been completely different, but we both agree that the climate crisis is a fascinating topic that deserves our attention. We feel like when we did learn about the environment in school, it was either overwhelmingly scientific or suspiciously corporate.

We’re making this podcast in an effort to create a space to talk about climate in a way that is accessible, inclusive, and fun for everyone.

About Olivia

My goal for my twenties was to have as many jobs as possible, and by god am I succeeding! My name is Olivia and I currently work in documentary archival research. I first became actively invested in the climate movement through zero waste in 2016. Since then, I’ve become fascinated by our collective power to shift the climate conversation and hold each other accountable. I’ve tried to incorporate these values into my life in Nashville, suburban Massachusetts, rural and urban Morocco, and now Brooklyn. 

After working in music, television, film, and youth development (shoutout to my fellow gig workers and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers), I decided to pursue a master’s in media at The New School, which I completed in May 2022. I live in Brooklyn. You can find me @livlivhamilton on Instagram/Twitter/most places or on my website.

About Elise

Hi my name is Elise and it turns out turning 25 in the midst of a pandemic means moving from Brooklyn to Austin, TX and starting a podcast. I stumbled into my enthusiasm for the environment from a few different directions. I grew up very much an outside kid, which gave me deep love for nature and animals. My childhood dream job was to be a zoologist, and I became a vegetarian at age 10. I’ve also shopped for second hand clothes for as long as I can remember (I think my first great thrifted find was a pair of purple corduroy Tweety Bird overalls *chefs freaking kiss*). My more or less lifelong dietary and shopping habits have lead me into extended conversations about how we consume, how that affects the planet, and how the climate crisis is bigger than any of us as individuals. 

I currently run an online vintage and second hand shop with my sister called Nyeliner (you can find us on Instagram and Depop). The name is a play on our last name (Nye) and our joint love of winged eyeliner (and by extension Amy Winehouse), since being able to execute a flawless cat eye is one of my most foundationally important skills. I’d also like to take a moment to clear the air and say that I am not (at least not closely) related to Bill Nye the Science Guy, but I’d like to thank him for teaching me that science does in fact rule. You can find me on ig at @elise.nye and on twitter at @elisenye.