Episode 9 – Human Composting and the Curse of the Petrified Forest

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On this very special Halloween episode, we tell the creepy-crawly of environmental stories, including a new process for composting human remains and a supernatural motivation to follow the “Leave No Trace” principle. Plus, we make time for human skin books, barbecued grasshoppers, Indiana undertakers, and a few personal ghost stories.

*An important disclaimer: in the intro and our first story, we talk openly about death and the end-of-life process, so if you’re not into that, you can skip to Elise’s story at 33:45.

Before we get into the main stories, Olivia describes an amazing makeup tutorial for the Corpse Bride’s Emily (that we misidentified as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas — oops), if you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspiration.

Elise brings up one of her favorite podcasts Ologies and their episode on Anthropodermic Biocodicology, aka the study of Human Skin Books aka the kind of leather you probably didn’t want to know about. They have loads of other Fall and Halloween themed episodes if you need more spooky science content in your life.

Olivia describes the time she ate a barbecued grasshopper – would you ever eat a bug?

Story #1: Human Composting (Olivia)
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The future of death care is just around the corner. 🌱

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Story #2: The Curse of the Petrified Forest (Elise)
Via the National Parks Conservation Association

Fines, signs, and curses – some parks will do anything to keep you from taking their natural materials. Elise runs through the history of Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, and why if you take a rock, you might be coming home with a bit more than you bargained for.


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The Dump

Olivia loved the documentary The Mole Agent, about an elderly man who becomes a spy at a nursing home. It’s funny, super sweet, and not quite like anything you’ve seen before. You can rent it for $12 via Miami Film Festival, and it’ll be available on PBS in early 2021.

Elise has been watching Halloween classics like The Exorcist and Poltergeist. We tell our own spooky ghost stories (Olivia says the wrong movie title, classic, but we can’t remember what the real movie is so… ironically, it was probably The Forgotten).

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Thanks for listening! Hope you all have a happy Halloween and take care of yourselves. And of course, VOTE!

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