Episode 10 – Movements – Hetch Hetchy Valley and Sunrise

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This week is all about the collective movements that make people care about saving the earth. We talk about the conservation/preservation debates of the Progressive Era (and all the racist white dudes who led the conversation) and how the Sunrise Movement is building an inclusive wave of climate action with no permanent enemies and no permanent friends.

But first, we talk politics and why we decided to skip a week for the first time since starting the podcast.

We talked through some statistics from NBC news exit polls, notably that 91% of black women voted for Biden (8% for Trump) while only 43% of white women voted for Biden (55% for Trump). As well as this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez New York Times interview from Saturday afternoon. 

Story #1: Hetch Hetchy Valley and the Conservation/Preservation Debates (Olivia)

Hetch Hetchy Valley in 1917, left, before the construction of O’Shaughnessy Dam, and in 1933, right, after the area was flooded to create the reservoir.
Caption and Photo via San Francisco Chronicle


Encyclopedia.com’s page about the Environmental movement 
The Roving Naturalist on Youtube What’s the difference between preserve, conserve, and reserve? 
LA Times, Rethinking Muir
This APUSH video by Mr. Kuhn, Muir v. Pinchot Debate  
Sierra Club’s John Muir biography 
Hop Hopkins for Sierra Club, Racism Is Killing The Planet
Michael Brune for Sierra Club, Pulling Down Our Monuments
Study.com’s Youtube video on Environmental Conservation and Preservation 
KQED’s Hetch Hetchy: To Restore or Not

For further reading on the subject of white privilege in the outdoors, we recommend:

Grayson Haver Currin for Outside Magazine, The Thru-Hikers Who Finished the AT During the Pandemic
Danielle Williams for Outdoor Research, How to Be An Ally in the Outdoors

Story #2: Sunrise Movement (Elise)


Sunrise Movement Website
Vox, September 17 2019, The new face of climate activism is young, angry — and effective
New Yorker, December 23 2019, The Optimistic Activists For A Green New Deal Inside The Youth Led Singing Sunrise Movement
Next Generation Politics, March 26 2020, Meet Varshini Prakash, Leader of The Sunrise Movement
Vox, July 31 2019, “No permanent friends, no permanent enemies”: inside the Sunrise Movement’s plan to save humanity
Politico, June 16 2019, The Sunrise Movement Actually Changed the Democratic Conversation. So What Do You Do For a Sequel?
Forbes, 2020, 30 Under 30
Boston Magazine, March 3 2020, Varshini Prakash Is Trying to Save Boston From Climate Change
Inherited podcast, Young and Naive

Other Important Links

If you’re interested in college divestment movements, definitely check out @Bebetterbelmont.

There’s a lot of information on the Sunrise Movement website and social media on how to take political action. Environmental Voter also has great ways to get involved.

Or, if you want to help flip the Senate with your own vote, here’s a 13 unit abandoned hospital listed on Cheap Old House in Georgia that you could snag with a couple of your friends.

HEATED by Emily Atkin is a great newsletter and podcast to keep you informed – we mentioned their epic Election night livestream at the top of the show.

More podcasts to dream to:
Inherited, The Green New Dream
Mothers of Invention, Brave Enough To Dream
This episode of Flash Forward titled ‘Give The Land Back?’ is a discussion with Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel in which they imagine a future where Indigenous folks in the US and Canada get their land back and get into why environmental issues are often colonialism issues and how decolonization can start right now.

The Dump

We highly recommend The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. We also talked clean makeup: NudiGoods Plastic Free Raven Mascara, Ilia mascara, Axiology Vegan Lip to Lid Balmies from Package Free Shop – if you have other favorites, let us know!

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