Who the heck are we? A brief introduction to World Is Burning

This is a podcast. I guess technically this is a blog post on the website for a podcast. But ‘World Is Burning’ is definitely a podcast.

We wanted a way to tell stories from the climate crisis and environmental world that haven’t been told in an accessible, entertaining way. We’re Olivia and Elise, two friends from college who come to this “movement” (or whatever) from two different ends but both think it’s a fascinating subject that deserves all our attention. I mean, the world is LITERALLY burning, how can we talk about anything else?

We’re both fascinated by true crime, and by extension, story-based true crime podcasts. Part of what draws us to those stories is how unfathomably terrifying they are. Talking about these worst case scenarios and how they happen and why they often happen to women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ folks both raises awareness for the victims and helps relieve a little bit of anxiety around the subject. Climate change is the worst thing slowly happening to all of us… as climate anxiety becomes a legitimate term recognized by the American Psychological Association, why aren’t we talking about it more?

We have a lot of ideas (there are unfortunately a lot of crazy environmental problems in the world) but we’re always looking for more. Send us your ideas and stories via our Contact page or DM us on Instagram/Twitter.

We hope this podcast meets you where you’re at – wherever that might be. You don’t have to be the perfect environmentalist or a flawless vegan (though resident non-vegan Olivia will ABSOLUTELY give you the best vegan food recs around the country) or expert anything to enjoy this show. Perfect doesn’t exist. Welcome to the club!

We post new episodes every Wednesday. This blog will be an extension of our show notes – you can keep up via the subscribe button (for episode log updates only – not a mailing list!) at the bottom of the Episodes page.

Thanks for listening 🙂