Last episode of 2020 + holiday recipes!

Hi friends, This Wednesday’s episode is all about food: more specifically, we’re talking about food deserts and food forests. Hopefully it’ll be an educational and entertaining last episode of 2020, since we’re taking December off to reflect, regroup, and flesh out the next season of World Is Burning (we have so! many! ideas! And ifContinue reading “Last episode of 2020 + holiday recipes!”

Who the heck are we? A brief introduction to World Is Burning

This is a podcast. I guess technically this is a blog post on the website for a podcast. But ‘World Is Burning’ is definitely a podcast. We wanted a way to tell stories from the climate crisis and environmental world that haven’t been told in an accessible, entertaining way. We’re Olivia and Elise, two friendsContinue reading “Who the heck are we? A brief introduction to World Is Burning”