Episode 1 – Just Another Example of Everything Being Incredibly Toxic

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In our very first episode we cover a ghost town on fire and a neoprene factory in a small Louisiana town. Welcome to World Is Burning, the podcast for your climate anxiety. We talk about who the heck we are, how government and climate disasters are inherently connected, and why the boiling frog fable is more human than you’d think.

Story #1 (Olivia) : Centralia, the ghost town on fire
Locust Avenue in Centralia in 1983 (left) and 2000 (right). Via REUTERS/David Dekok and Business Insider.

Terms to know: coal seam fire, displacement


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Story #2 (Elise) : Neoprene and St. James’ Parish

You can learn more about the Coalition Against Death Alley on their website. Sign the petition to revoke Formosa Plastics’ air permit here via The Action Network.

Photo by Giles Clarke
Photo by Giles Clarke
Photo from Our Town, Our Fight by Shamall and Sharon Levigne

Terms to know: environmental racism, industrial zoning / industrialization, air pollution


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