Episode 60 – Volcanoes and Water Towers

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This week we’re taking a closer look at what happens when the government procrastinates on its homework.

Olivia tells the story of the “white city” of Armero, Colombia, where a 1985 volcanic eruption resulted in the deadliest mudslides in human history. She recounts the haunting story of 13-year-old Omayra Sanchez, and how the tragedy highlights the need for robust emergency management.

Then Elise looks into the ancient origins of water towers, some more recent horror stories, and why we should care about how the government regulates water safety.

Other topics include Sally Rooney, having an Oscar Wilde quote for everything, and buying sweaters in a heatwave.

Story #1: Armero Volcano Disaster (Olivia)
Nevado del Ruiz volcano in 1985. Photo taken by Katia and Maurice Krafft. Source: Smithsonian

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This story was inspired by the documentary Fire of Love, which tells the love story of Maurice and Katia Krafft.

The bolded article above is where you can see famous photos of Omayra Sanchez, which we’ve chosen not to post directly on our site.

Story #2: Water Towers (Elise)

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List of historic water towers by state.

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The Dump
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  • Conversations with Friends, Normal People, and Sally Rooney
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