Episode 51 – Jane Fonda, Aboriginal Activism, and The New Era of Climate Feminism

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First the girlboss, then the Fleabag era… what is the next era of feminism, and how can we make sure it’s intersectional? In this episode we take a look at some inspiration.

Olivia recounts the rich life story of Jane Fonda and her many iterations: coy movie star, anti-war activist, workout icon, and climate justice advocate. Then Elise tells the story of two Aboriginal Australian activists, Jacqui Katona and Yvonne Margarula, who defended their homeland from extractive mining and helped to organize the largest blockade in Australian history.

Other topics include passivity as a tenet of white feminism, why celebrity activism often falls flat (and why Jane’s hasn’t), and how to participate in the world.

Fleabag articles from the beginning of the episode:
The Smartest Women I Know Are All Dissociating, Buzzfeed
The Fleabag Era of Dissociative Feminism Must End, Lithium magazine

Story #1: Jane Fonda (Olivia)
Jane Fonda under arrest under suspicion of drug smuggling (the “drugs” in question turned out to be vitamins)

Jane Fonda in Five Acts, documentary directed by Susan Lacy, 2018
Jane Fonda, entretien exclusif!, C à Vous, May 3 2021
Jane Fonda and Winter Soldier Investigation, Wikipedia
Jane Fonda on Her Biggest Regret — and How She Got Past It, InStyle, September 2018
Jane Fonda’s Guide to Love, Friendship, and Political Activism | Explains It All | Harper’s BAZAAR, March 25 2021
Mug Shot, Jane Fonda’s website, May 26 2009
From ‘Hanoi Jane’ to the Workout: A Brief History of Jane Fonda’s Activism, TIME, September 2018
Jane Fonda’s History of Social and Environmental Activism, Green Matters, April 7 2021
Jane Fonda spent a night in jail in 1970. Her mug shot defined feminist rebellion. Washington Post, November 2019

Side profile with the classic “Klute” haircut on full display.
Jane Fonda in Washington with the organization she co-founded with Greenpeace, Fire Drill Fridays. Peep the red coat! (Source: Tim Aubry for Greenpeace)
Story #2: Jacqui Katona and Yvonne Margarula (Elise)
Jacqui (left) and Yvonne (right) in 1999. (Source: Goldman Environmental Prize)

What climate change activists can learn from First Nations campaigns against the fossil fuel industry, The Conversation, November 2021
1999 Goldman Environmental Prize Ceremony: Yvonne Margarula and Jacqui Katona, Goldman Environmental Prize, August 2016
Jacqui Katona and Yvonne Margarula: 1999 Goldman Prize winners, Australia, Goldman Environmental Prize, September 2013
The Long Journey Home: Jacqui Katona, ABC series: Australian Story via Anti-Nuclear Archives, June 2020
Jacqui Katona & Yvonne Margarula, Goldman Environmental Prize, 1999
Other uranium mines in the Alligator Rivers Region, Australian Government Department of Water, Agriculture, and the Environment
List of World Heritage in Danger, Wikipedia

Jacqui and Yvonne accept the Goldman Environmental Prize. Yvonne speaks in her native language.
Today, Yvonne is the Senior Traditional Elder and leader of the Mirarr People (Source: Mirarr.net)
The Dump

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Warmth by Daniel Sherrell
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