Episode 49 – Daylight Saving Time – Our Last Episode of 2021!

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There are a lot of myths to bust about daylight saving time — does it really save energy? Was it invented for farmers? Does it “end” in November or did it just begin?

We do a dramatic reading of Benjamin Franklin’s 18th-century sh*tpost that somehow led to him being credited for inventing daylight savings. Then, we take a look at the 2005 energy policy that changed the game (or, really, kept the fossil fuel subsidy game strong).

Other topics include mall culture, another win for the golfers, and a haunting prediction about high energy consumption.

Story #1: Origins of Daylight Saving Time (Olivia)
Benjamin Franklin’s letter to the editor of the Journal of Paris, 1784 (full letter below)

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Story #2: 2005 and who benefits from Daylight Savings? (Elise)

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The energy policies adopted during the current decade will determine the range and character of social relationships a society will be able to enjoy by the year 2000. A low-energy policy allows for a wide choice of lifestyles and cultures. If, on the other hand, a society opts for high energy consumption, its social relations must be dictated by technocracy and will be equally degrading whether labeled capitalist or socialist. […] Even if nonpolluting power were feasible and abundant, the use of energy on a massive scale acts on society like a drug that is physically harmless but psychically enslaving.

Ivan Illich

Found in the book: Past and Present Energy Societies
Ivan Illich essay: here

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