Episode 48 – Bhutan and Information Overload

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There’s a lot going on right now!! From COP26 to Build Back Better to local elections, it’s all just a lot.

This week we’re looking at countries with their sh*t together and ways to process all this information. First, Elise tells us how Bhutan became one of the first carbon negative countries in the world.

Then Olivia goes through some tips to deal with the barrage of climate information coming at us every day, and how to find your place in the movement without taking on too much.

Other topics include being paranoid that someone is reading our diary, Joe Manchin jack-o-lanterns, and how many people have actually read the full IPCC report.

Story #1: Bhutan and Carbon Negative Countries (Elise)
Bhutan via Unsplash

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Story #2: Information Overload / Climate Overwhelm (Olivia)
Cartoon from the Climate Web – Mark Trexler
From the Climate Web

10 Steps To Conquering Information Overload Forbes November 2014
10 Ways to Overcome Information Overload by Jeff Davidson for Association for Talent Development, March 2021
Cognitive overload — rewire your brain in the digital age Darren McNelis for TEDxTallaght, November 2014
The Climate Web
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The Dump

Listen to Elise talk about her mailer reuse project, Repackage, on the Episode 103 of Clotheshorse, which also features an interview with the amazing Aja Barber. She was also featured in this super cool Austin fashion video.

Here’s Amy Westervelt’s Joe Manchin Butthole mouth pumpkin:


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