Episode 42 – What’s the Deal With COP26? A Brief History and What To Expect

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What is COP26, and why is it so important?

In this episode, we’re breaking down the history of the UNFCCC, previous climate conferences, and what to expect from this year’s conference in Glasgow later this fall. And more specifically, what we need to demand from our leaders, because there’s no time to mess around.

Other topics include a wee back-to-school climate emergency, vampires, and what we’ve been watching.

Story #1: A Brief History of the UNFCCC and International Climate Conferences (Elise)

Where Elise answers questions like: how long have we been having climate conferences? Where have they been successful, and where have they failed? Is COP26 our aim for 2026, or 26 years since COP1, or the 26th conference?

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Story #2: What to Expect at COP26 (Olivia)

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Honey Dijon to Headline Launch of BODYHEAT Project, SWG3, 2021

We’ll be keeping an eye out for COP26-related events — both cool events like the body heat club night and serious climate policy (or wavering commitments) from international leaders. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up-to-date.

In the meantime, keep up with the campaigns and organizations we mentioned in the episode: Stop Cambo, #DeadlineGlasgow, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Youth COP in Italy, Stop the Money Pipeline, and COP26 Coalition for climate justice.

The Dump

We mentioned What We Do In The Shadows, Dead To Me, and Clickbait. Also, pay attention to flash flood emergencies and in any case, have an emergency plan!

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