Episode 41 – Imagining New Futures – Walkable Cities and Land Back

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Happy first birthday to us! On our first anniversary episode, we’re looking into the future: what does a climate just future look like?

Olivia tells us how a more pedestrian-focused city can make people happier, healthier, and more connected. Then Elise explains the Land Back movement which is re-establishing indigenous rights over colonized land.

Other topics include new pets, all the Molly Shannon shows you should be watching, and skipping that trip to Hawaii.

Story #1: Walkable Cities (Olivia)

How has the world’s urban population changed from 1950 to today?, World Economic Forum, November 4th 2020
What cities can learn from the cooling systems at the Tokyo Olympics, World Economic Forum, August 16 2021
Tokyo 2020 COOLING Project gathers pace, 2020 Tokyo Olympics website
How to make our cities greener, healthier, wilder and fairer, World Economic Forum, August 5th 2021
How City Design Is Making Heat Waves Deadlier, Cheddar, August 24 2021 (talks a lot about extreme heat, wet bulb temperature, and heat-related illness — check out our How to Survive Extreme Heat episode if you’d like to learn more)
Meet the man ‘turning buildings into Teslas’, Reuters/Yahoo News, July 8 2021
Blocpower website
Seven characteristics of walkable neighborhoods, Build A Better Burb (via WalkScore)
5 Ways to Make Cities More Walkable, Kittelson and Associates

Not a source but a highly recommend read: The Cult of Personal Responsibility Is Killing Us by Amy Westervelt

Story #2: Land Back Movement (Elise)

In 1868, Two Nations Made a Treaty, the U.S. Broke It and Plains Indian Tribes are Still Seeking Justice, Smithsonian Magazine, November 2018
Esselen tribe leader: ‘It’s like getting the Sistine Chapel back’, The Californian, July 2020
Indigenous peoples defend Earth’s biodiversity—but they’re in danger, National Geographic, November 2018
Returning the Land, Grist, November 2020
Indigenous people across the US want their land back — and the movement is gaining momentum, CNN, November 2020
Duluwat Island is Returned to the Wiyot Tribe in Historic Ceremony, North Coast Journal, October 2019
More Than 1 Thousand Acres Of Esselen Ancestral Land Returned To Tribe, NPR, August 2020
After 250 years, Esselen Tribe regains a piece of its ancestral homeland, Los Angeles Times, July 2020
Land Back Manifesto, Land Back
Flash Forward Episode – Give the Land Back

The Dump

We mentioned The White Lotus on HBO, The Other Two (also on HBO), and discussions surrounding The White Lotus and white-centering shows about Hawaii. Also, Kim Petras’ new song Future Starts Now is a banger.

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