Episode 33 – Plastic Bottle Vanilla and CVS Receipts

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File this episode under things you never thought about but that will now haunt you… sorry!

This week we’re talking about the darker side of two things you’ve probably encountered this week: vanilla flavoring and customer receipts.

Elise takes us through the unlikely ways that vanilla flavoring is being made, including petroleum-based artificial flavors that are already likely in your cupboard.

Then Olivia tells the story of the CVS receipt meme and how consumer demand and environmental activism have gotten major retailers to skip the slip. Plus, how not to act at your first post-lockdown comedy show.

Story #1: Vanilla Flavoring and Plastic Bottles (Elise)
Vanilla orchid being hand pollinated. Wild! Via Shuttershock/Mashed.

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Vanillin chart via Chemical Engineering News
via Smithsonian Magazine
Story #2: BPA and CVS Receipts (Olivia)

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Skip the Slip receipt scorecard by Green America
The Dump

Mae Martin’s Netflix show Feel Good and their Comedians Around the World’s half hour

Trace Material, exploring the social history of plastic

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