Episode 28 – Lawn Culture and Mushroom Scams

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Why are Americans so horny for grass? What happens when you get on a scammer’s bad side? This week we’re taking a closer look at how the lawn care industry of today ties back to colonization, war, and (you guessed it) capitalism. Then Olivia tells us about a one-step climate solution to help YOU reduce YOUR carbon footprint in one easy payment of $125… or not.

Story #1: America’s Obsession with Grass (Elise)
Vintage ad for the Garden Tractor that “does more… with less work… at lower cost”

The Lawn: A History of an American OBSESSION by Virginia Scott Jenkins
The Great American Lawn: How the Dream Was Manufactured, New York Times, Aug 2019
More Lawns than Irrigated Corn, Earth Observatory, Nov 2005
Lawns are the No. 1 irrigated ‘crop’ in America. They need to die., Grist, May 2019

Story #2: Magical Lawn Orbs from the Mushroom Scammer
Ad from the NetZero IndieGoGo page

This story was researched and reported by Zahra Hirji for Buzzfeed News. Follow Zahra on Twitter because she’s cool and thorough and is probably going to be dealing with the wrath from this story’s protagonist for a while.
Magic Mushrooms: This Scammer Is Twisting Science In A Scheme To Save The World, Zahra Hirji for Buzzfeed News, May 2021
NetZero’s Mycological Snake Oil, Christian Schwarz
The NetZero IndieGoGo campaign is still up as of this episode (May 19, 2021) here

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Sharing Is Caring [Down the Rabbit Hole Minisode 9] World Is Burning

This week we’re back with a minisode all about the sharing economy, or as they used to call it: sharing! Elise explains how community building can escalate quickly (in the best way) –– one day you’re bringing your wheelbarrow to the communal mulch pile, and next thing you know you’re on a free transatlantic trip with your neighbor. Subscribe/follow/press the button to keep up with new episodes every other Wednesday! You can also follow us @worldisburnin on Instagram and Twitter, and check out our website worldisburning.com for extended show notes including sources and photos. World Is Burning is hosted by Olivia Hamilton and Elise Nye. Our theme music is by Kaycie Satterfield, and our logo was made by Sonja Katanic. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/worldisburning/message
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