Episode 27 – Why is Chevron So Obsessed With Steven Donziger?

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A story with so many cartoon villains we don’t know where to start! Steven Donziger is an environmental lawyer best known as the lead attorney on a landmark case for the people of the Ecuadorian Amazon versus Texaco (now Chevron) after they dumped an admitted 16 billion gallons of oil waste on Indigenous land. Chevron has yet to pay the 18 billion dollar (later decreased to 9.5 billion) settlement, and have also brought Donziger through the seven circles of corporate law hell in the last decade. This week we tell you the wild, winding story AND take a trip to the #FreeDonziger rally before the first day of Donziger’s trial.

Sign the petition at freedonziger.org, follow Steven @SDonziger on Twitter/@stevendonziger on Instagram and check the hashtag #FreeDonziger for trial updates.

This week, Elise tells us the (abbreviated) story of Steven Donziger’s heroic past as an environmental justice lawyer and how it has led to his current criminal contempt lawsuit, then Olivia takes us to the courthouse on the first day of the trial.

Story: Steven Donziger and Chevron (Elise)
Rafael Correa, then president of Ecuador, showed off his oil-covered hand in 2013 near a well operated by Texaco between 1962 and 1990.

Timeline from the Free Donziger site
‘I’ve Been Targeted With Probably the Most Vicious Corporate Counterattack in American History’, Esquire, March 2021
Steven Donziger: The man who stood up to an oil giant, and paid the price, Greenpeace, Feb 2020

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Some of the turnout at the #FreeDonziger rally ahead of Steven Donziger’s first day of trial. New York City, May 10, 2021.
The Dump

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