Episode 12 – Food Deserts and Free Food Forests

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Our last episode of 2020 covers the complex issue of food deserts and one potential solution: food forests. Olivia talks about food deserts reaching the national conversation through Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, preference and processed food, and how it all ties back to our episode about… trains? Then Elise gives us a promising solution in the form of Atlanta’s free food forests, and the way they bring community back to the table.

First we talk about Olivia getting rejected from her Buy Nothing group and how maybe the New York City streets are just one big Buy Nothing group. The Best of Buy Nothing Instagram meme page is a treat.

We posted our favorite holiday recipes on the blog this week.

Story #1: Food Deserts (Olivia)
Photo by Mehrad Vosoughi from Pexels

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Choices Across the United States

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We also mentioned this classic Vine of Michelle Obama.

Story #2: Free Food Forests (Elise)
Concept Map by Sustenance Design and STAND Landscape Architects, via ConservationFund.org

Aglanta, Urban Food Forest at Browns Mill
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The Dump

Olivia joined Sunrise Movement’s NYC Hub, and we talked about feeling too old (even at 25!) to join a youth movement. But it was a fantastic experience to meet so many cool young people who are passionate about and organizing for climate justice. You can find your Sunrise hub here, and also look into local organizations and other groups like 350.org. Elise also told us all about Sunrise in Episode 10.

We’re watching Murder on Middle Beach, a true crime documentary based in Elise’s hometown.

Elise also recommends Gastropod’s The Big Apple Episode (Spotify link) and the new film podcast from Exactly Right, I Saw What You Did (Spotify link).

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