Episode 69 – A Positive Obsession with Octavia E. Butler

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Today we’re dedicating an episode to Octavia E. Butler, the visionary writer and mother of Afrofuturism who transformed the way we think about climate stories.

Olivia tells us about Octavia’s childhood, her days as a young daydreaming outsider, her early ambition to write, and the struggles of coming into her own as the first Black female science fiction writer.

Then, Elise takes us through her favorite Butler stories (with minimal but very enthusiastic spoilers) and how they’ve changed how she thinks about social issues in the real world.

A worthwhile episode for lovers of Octavia’s work and newbies alike!

Octavia Butler at home. Photo by Patti Perret.


Star Child, Ibi Zoboi
Positive Obsession, an essay by Octavia Butler
adrienne maree brown: Octavia Butler’s Visions of the Future Have Transformed Generation of Readers, Democracy Now, February 23 2021
Remembering Octavia Butler: Black Sci-Fi Writer Shares Cautionary Tales In Unearthed 2005 Interview, Democracy Now, February 23 2021
So Be It, See to It: From the Archives of Octavia Butler, The Paris Review, March 23 2018
Octavia E. Butler, Science Fiction Writer, Dies at 58, New York Times, March 1 2006

Further Reading/Listening:
adrienne maree brown – the podcast Octavia’s Parables and the anthology Octavia’s Brood
The Spectacular Life of Octavia Butler, Vulture, November 21, 2022

Octavia’s Books Elise highlighted in the episode!
Parable of the Sower
Parable of the Talents
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