Episode 56 – Earth Day and Greenwashing

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How do you get a billion people to participate in a single event every year?

In this episode, Olivia looks back on the roots of Earth Day and what we can learn (and avoid) from the day’s history.

Then Elise tells us about the origins of greenwashing at a beachside resort, some of the most ridiculous examples, and common greenwashing schemes to look out for this month.

Other topics include celebrities who participate in greenwashing traps, the season for greentrolling, and clothing recycling that only exists in Animal Crossing.

Story #1: Earth Day (Olivia)
“Students at Cerritos College in Norwalk, California release a large balloon during a rally celebrating the first official Earth Day.” Julian Wasser/LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images [Image & Caption via HISTORY.com]

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Story #2: Greenwashing (Elise)

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