Episode 45 – Fairy Creek Blockade and Resilience Force

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This week, Olivia gets us up to speed on what’s happening at Fairy Creek Watershed, where an old-growth forest protection effort has become the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history.

Then, Elise tells us about Saket Soni and Resilience Force, who advocate for migrant and workers’ rights on the frontlines of climate change.

Other subjects include the disaster economy, media coverage of activism, and Elise and Olivia seeing each other in person for the first time since we started the podcast!

Story #1: Fairy Creek Blockade (Olivia)

How B.C.’s newest war in the woods shows the complex web of environmental politics, Roshini Nair for CBC News, September 2 2021
Per Gundersen, Emil E. Thybring, Thomas Nord-Larsen, Lars Vesterdal, Knute J. Nadelhoffer, Vivian K. Johannsen. Old-growth forest carbon sinks overestimated. Nature, 2021.
Old trees store more carbon, more quickly, than younger trees by Tiffany Stecker for E&E ClimateWire, January 17 2014.
The war in the Clayoquot woods is over CBC, July 6 1995
Independent Report Reveals BC Government Misleading Public on Status of Old-Growth Forests, TJ Watt, June 11 2020
B.C.’s Old Growth Forest: A Last Stand for Biodiversity, by Karen Price, Rachel Holt, and Dave Daust, April 2020
B.C. judge ends injunction against Fairy Creek protests CBC News, September 29 2021
Fairy Creek: The Last Stand (Documentary Film)
A dash of Wikipedia 🙂
@fairycreekblockade and @rainforestflyingsquad on Instagram

Two small corrections: It’s Rainforest Flying Squad NOT Flying Rainforest Squad lol, my bad!! I said both through the episode. I also said 27 when I meant 2.7… one of those days…

Two videos we mentioned from Fairy Creek Blockade — give them a follow and keep up with what’s happening:

If you have the ability to get out on the frontlines, go! Rainforest Flying Squad’s linktree has links to signups, rideshares, and more information. There’s also a list of supplies needed, legal funds, and ways to donate.

Story #2: Resilience Force (Elise)

Saket Soni Bio, Greenpeace
Social Justice Leaders #OnWhatMatters: Hilary Pennington with Saket Soni, Ford Foundation, Jan 2021
10 Big Ideas – Saket Soni – Resilience Force, Congressional Progressive Caucus Center, Nov 2019
Live Now: Fireside Fire Drill with Jane Fonda and Saket Soni, Greenpeace USA, Sept 2020
Reimagining resilience in New Orleans, Bloomberg, June 2021
How Congress can protect a vital segment of our workforce, CNN, April 2020
Hurricane Chasers: An Immigrant Work Force on the Trail of Extreme Weather, New York Times, Oct 2019
In NoLa, a Resilience Corps for Tomorrow’s Disasters, Atmos, March 2021

And a big shoutout to the essay “Like the Monarch” by Sarah Stillman from All We Can Save.

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