Episode 17 – Valentine’s Day – Chocolate and the Target Effect

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The perfect accompaniment for your Valentine’s Day stroll through Target. Or not. This week we cover two subjects related to the holiday of love: chocolate and consumer traps.

Olivia tells us about the ongoing lawsuits surrounding the cocoa industry, the companies that have been dragging their feet regarding exploitative practices for decades, and those who are fighting the good fight. Then Elise perfectly describes the layout of your local Target (how does she know?) and what you were thinking the last time you needed “just one thing.” Along the way we discuss Tiktok shopping trends, magic tricks, and why you shouldn’t boil your bouquet of roses.

*The chocolate story in this episode (09:30 to 35:00) discusses modern-day slavery and child labor.

We have a palm oil update for you! Prominent investors are funding tech that turns food waste into synthetic palm oil, cutting out the need for deforestation normally tied to its production. But of course, it’s not as simple as that–if you want us to cover the story of palm oil and how the world got hooked, let us know.

The effects of climate change are becoming ever more tangible. A glacier caused a devastating avalanche in northern India over the weekend, and the disaster was attributed to warming temperatures. Glaciers are melting twice as fast as they were last century, which primes the area for future incidents. Can Biden declare a climate emergency already??

Story #1: Chocolate (Olivia)
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Story #1: The Target Effect (Elise)
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We know we just spent half an episode telling you not to buy things you don’t need, but Olivia made some thoughtful purchases lately that she’s quite enjoyed. If you need a coat rack or if you love popcorn and are looking for a convenient, package-free way to enjoy it, take a look at the options she chose and see if they might fit your needs.

The Dump

Derek DelGaudio’s In & Of Itself
Framing Britney Spears

The Department – their series on 2000’s Trends compliments the Framing Britney doc extremely well!

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