Episode 6 – The Green New Deal and Biden’s Climate Plan

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Climate policy is intimidating as hell! This week we broke our format to break down the Green New Deal and the Biden climate plan in the wake of the first presidential debate to directly reference climate change in a question since Al Gore in 2000 (seriously!).

We talk about why Biden had to distance himself from the Green New Deal during the debate, climate change and inequality as interconnected crises, and how Biden is a sunny day buddy (we mean… fair-weather friend) of climate with the potential to be a pioneer.

We encourage you to read along with us!

The Green New Deal resolution: read or listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reading the entire GND on the House floor in February 2020
Read Biden’s Climate Plan (as of October 2020 – from his campaign website)

The 14 page Green New Deal looking generally un-scary

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Sunrise movement plan phases, 2016 to 2021

We mentioned this sweet 2019 video narrated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez telling the story of the GND from the future. This is the video that ends with “we can be whatever we have the courage to see.”

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The Ezra Klein Show, March 2019, Meet the policy architect behind the Green New Deal, Rhiana Gunn-Wright
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The Dump

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You can also check out her book, podcast, and episode of Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness that we mentioned on the show. We’re big fans, if you can’t tell.

Bioglitz Biodegradable Glitter at Package Free Shop
What we’re watching: The Love WitchUndoneI’m Thinking Of Ending Things
Olivia tried her hand at phone banking with @ItsRadishTime for Wisconsin candidate Amanda White Eagle, and she survived! You can sign up to phone bank with the Environmental Voter Project – they do trainings and action hours, with a special focus on the five days leading up to November 3rd.
Electric Garbage Trucks in NYC via Business Insider

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