Episode 47 – Ratpocalypse and the Wendigo – A Halloween Episode

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In this spooky Halloween episode, we’re digging into the eerie and the terrifying.

Olivia takes us through the streets of New York to determine if climate change will lead to a catastrophic ratpocalypse — and how we can avoid one.

Then, Elise retells the story of the Wendigo, a mythological creature of Native folklore whose message has gotten muddled by colonizers.

Plus, we talk about how Elise’s new project is heating up, our rat horror stories, and some last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Story #1: Ratpocalypse (Olivia)

No pictures because I wouldn’t do that to you 🙂

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Story #2: The Wendigo (Elise)

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The Dump

Listen to Elise talk about her mailer reuse project, Repackage, on the Episode 103 of Clotheshorse, which also features an interview with the amazing Aja Barber.

If you’re a seller in Austin, reach out to Repackage for low-cost reused mailers! And if you’re free Friday, come say hi at this party where Elise will be selling vintage through her shop Nyeliner:

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